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It's amazing my lips appear fuller and all I need to use is lip gloss when I go out. Susan Shaw. Edinburgh

My eyebrows are perfect all the time. They no longer wash off in the pool leaving me with nothing. I feel so confident now. Jeanette Matron. Ayr.

My family have told me that I look as if I have had a face lift thanks to my semi permanent eyebrows. Anne Wilson. Edinburgh

Previous to having my lips done they were thin & uneven, now they are much more symetrical I love them. Roz Jones. Edinburgh

Having my lashline done has made my sparse eyelashes appear a lot thicker and I no longer feel the need to apply as much Mascara. Definitely worth it. Lorraine Faircloth. Newcastle

Having all the procedures carried out has certainly been the best birthday present. I recieve so many compliments about how great I look. An absolute confidence boost. Mary Benson. Kirkcaldy

Fabulous work I shall certainly recommend you to my friends. Jan Robertson. Stirling.

You truly are a miracle worker. Annette Mcintosh. Dundee

You have given me a Gift thankyou for my eyebrows.  Ann Hayes, Stirling.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my bum, because it's bigger than my heart. Thank you so much for my eyebrows you have made such a difference. Sandra. Dundee.

I have gained so much confidence with my new eyebrows never before would I have brushed my hair off my face or gone on holiday alone. The best thing I ever did. Thanks Angie. Freda, Blairgowrie. 

I wish my mother was still around she would have loved my new eyebrows. Lorraine, Dundee 

I had considered having my lips done for years but never found a suitable technician. After seeing my friends amazing eyebrows I decided that whoever had performed that amazing work was the technician for me. Thank you so much Angie I love my knew defined lips. Ros, Perthshire.

You have given me a gift. Mrs Laidlaw. Angus